Our Web Design Service

Whether you run an e-commerce store or an offline business with an online presence, the performance of your website is crucial. Many sites suffer through under performance and are typically neglected after the initial design is completed.

The Digital Mast Approach to Web Design

The first step in getting the very best performance from your website or online store is for us to understand your business objectives and goals. Your commercial success is our motivation and whilst web design is a crucial part, it will always be second to sales generation.

Generating business through your website

Our web designers love nothing more than creating beautiful eye-catching websites which stand out and grab users’ attention, but that’s just part of what we do. We design websites using methods developed after years of research into people’s online habits and behaviour, structuring pages and content in a way that is intuitive and encourages visitors to take the valuable actions you want.

Continuous analytics and improvements

We see the launch of a website as just the beginning of a continuous life-cycle, not the end of a project. Using analytical tools and reporting, and in conjunction with our digital marketing services, we monitor visitors' behaviour, making adjustments to fine tune the sites we produce to achieve the best results, maximising conversions and repeat business.

Mobile and Tablet friendly websites

Responsive & adaptive

Visitors will view your site from a variety of devices and will always expect great layout and simple navigation. Producing “adaptive” websites which dynamically alter their layout and design dependent on the visitor’s screen, ensures that regardless of the device, your site always looks good.

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