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‘Do many people actually click on ads in Google search results?’


You could say that! Upwards of 50% of traffic goes to ads at the top of the page and it can be 65% or higher for search terms with buying intent. Needless to say Google Ads, Google Shopping Ads and Search Engine Marketing (SEM) in general, are the gold standard for results based digital marketing.

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The places to be:


Google Search

Great for any business

Google Shopping

For products only

Bing Ads

Lower cost but lower traffic

Google Display

Show ads on 2m+ websites

Google Partner


We’re a Google Partner, which means you’ll be working with a team that has had the latest training and are certified in their advertising platforms. With the experience of running many campaigns we can often come in and unearth new opportunities in existing Google Ad accounts, or help you get set up in the best way possible from the outset.

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What can PPC do for your business?


PPC has the ability almost immediately to impact your business for the better. While organic traffic is often the long-term goal, you’ll probably want results sooner and that’s where PPC comes in. Setting up a new campaign can take as little as a few days and once live you’ll immediately see an increase in traffic, enquiries and sales.

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