Google Adwords Campaign Management

Running successful Google PPC campaigns is as much about developing excellent landing pages as it is about ad content, placement and bids. We see many businesses that spend a considerable amount on generating clicks and website traffic, but fail to capitalise and convert them into paying customers.

Digital Mast’s Conversion Focused PPC Management

We seek out PPC opportunities for our clients and produce engaging ads which are supported by landing pages designed solely to convert clicks to business. We review existing campaigns; identifying issues and offering solutions to improve performance.

Search Marketing

Search marketing, i.e. bidding on keywords people are Googling, can be hugely valuable to your business. With the ability to target certain age groups, gender and locations, we can focus your advertising not only on people who are searching for the services and products you provide, but also those in the right location and target demographic. If you’re looking for fast results and an excellent ROI, contact us to speak to one of our search marketing experts.

Display Advertising

Google has built a network of over 2 million websites that can display your adverts to their visitors. With the ability to use text, images, videos and interactive ads, it offers the opportunity to capture customers' interest earlier in the buying cycle, so building awareness and brand loyalty. We completely manage display advertisements for you, from the initial research and strategy to the ad design and supporting landing pages.


Re-marketing allows us to advertise to people who have previously visited your website, and it’s a great way to capture business that may otherwise have slipped through the net. We find it’s especially effective for businesses that sell high value products and services, where their buyers take time to research before making a purchase. Advertising to those customers whilst they are shopping around puts you in prime position to make the sale once they decide to go ahead.

PPC Analysis and Reporting

We’re proud to be a transparent company. We like to share results and experiences as we believe it allows us all to improve and generate more success. Working with us, you’ll find that we have a passion for detail and the ability to communicate to people at all levels of understanding.

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