Bandersnatching: Google Ads help for paid search marketing

Check out our tip for paid search marketing and Google Ads. We’ll be using the Bandersnatching technique to create multiple ads with ease, making PPC more efficient and manageable.

March 29, 2019
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Jordan Chammings

Online advertising comes in many forms, and almost all of them will require unique wording and messaging. If you’re regularly producing and managing paid ads, then you know it’s a trial and error game - which can be frustrating when you have to keep going back to create additional ad copy. Some ads will naturally perform better than others, but at the start of a campaign, it’s not always clear why. Being able to trial different ad variants en masse is crucial in helping you nail down what your audience responds to.

Google Ads & Search PPC

Any Google Ad tip that makes ad creation more efficient, streamlined and manageable is a great asset to any online marketer. This blog is only looking at the Google Search Network, which are the ads that appear at the top of Google search results. This is what the format looks like when you go to create a search ad.

The main thing to pay attention to here is the format. While you don’t necessarily need to use all of the headlines and descriptions, you’re missing out on an opportunity to attract users if you don’t. Either way, you’re going to need a lot of different headings and descriptions saying a similar thing.

What is Bandersnatching?

Cue the term ‘Bandersnatching’ - the art of creating infinite variations of ad text and messaging. Bandersnatching is a great way to approach new and old campaigns alike. It’ll help you to understand what messaging your audience prefers, and makes it much slicker to produce creatives. You’ll end up with a list of suitable text for your ads that can be used interchangeably across the Google Ad fields.

Our example & what to consider

In this example, we’re creating ad copy for a women’s boot shop aptly named Belinda’s Boots. They’re running a 10% discount sale on their boot range and want to secure conversions using this promotional discount.

What do we want this example to achieve?

  1. Attract high CTR (click-through-rate) on ads; this shows us that it’s relevant to the audience seeing it
  2. Convert people who click the ad; this shows us that the ad matches the on-page content and the price point is competitive
  3. Get customers to use the 10% discount code; this helps to understand the impact of a discounted offer on sales volume
  4. Increase the online exposure of Belinda’s Boots

What to consider

  1. Keyword research shows what your customers are searching for online
  2. Headlines should relate to the keyword research
  3. Are there any niches about what you’re selling? That’ll help you hit the right audience.
  4. Although the targeting will be set to females only, the user doesn’t know that - so it’s good to include gender in some of the headlines
  5. Write the same sentence from different angles. For example, cheap boots, budget boots, good value boots all refer to a cheaper variant of boots, but could all mean a different thing depending on how it’s read.
  6. Do you want to include their brand name? If they’re well known, it could help.
  7. Just because there are search terms for something, don’t include it if you don’t sell it. Don’t sell black boots? Don’t include black boots in your ad text.

Once you have your campaign in mind and you’ve conducted research, here’s how to approach Bandersnatching

Step 1 - Set up your document

Set up your document with sections that match Google ads. There’s no need for headline 1, 2 and 3 -  they’re all limited to 30 characters, and you can prioritise them when it gets to building the ad.



Display path

  1. ...

Step 2 - Brainstorm the ad copy

Just like brainstorming, get all of your ideas down on paper. Worry about character limits, spelling and sentence structure later.


  1. 10% Discount Ending Soon
  2. 10% Discount For Online Orders
  3. 10% Discount On All Boots
  4. 10% Discount Shop Now
  5. 10% Off At Belinda’s Boots
  6. 10% Off Boots Online
  7. All Boots On Offer
  8. All Styles & Colours Online
  9. Ankle Boots For Women
  10. Belinda’s Boots
  11. Black Boots
  12. Black Heeled Boots
  13. Boots Sale
  14. Browse Belinda’s Boots
  15. Buy Fashion Boots
  16. Buy Knee High Boots
  17. Buy Suede Boots
  18. Chelsea Boots For Women
  19. Claim Your 10% Discount
  20. Designer Women’s Boots
  21. Discount Women’s Boots
  22. Fashionable Chelsea Boots
  23. Fashionable Footwear
  24. Fashionable Knee High Boots
  25. Fashionable Range Of Boots
  26. Fashionable Women’s Boots
  27. Female Chelsea Boots
  28. Flat Boots For Women
  29. Fur Lined Boots
  30. Grey Boots
  31. Heeled Boots Online
  32. High Heel Boots
  33. High-Quality Boots
  34. High-Quality Knee High Boots
  35. Knee High Leather Boots
  36. Knee High Suede Boots
  37. Laced Up Boots
  38. Ladies Heeled Boots
  39. Ladies Leather Boots
  40. Ladies Over The Knee Boots
  41. Ladies Suede Boots
  42. Ladies Wide Fit Boots
  43. Leather & Suede Boots
  44. Leather Ankle Boots
  45. On Trend Women’s Boots
  46. Over The Knee Boots
  47. Patterned Women’s Boots
  48. Shop Black Boots Online
  49. Shop Boots For Women
  50. Shop Heeled Ankle Boots
  51. Shop Ladies Boots
  52. Shop Now For 10% Discount
  53. Stylish Footwear
  54. White Boots
  55. Wide Calf Boots
  56. Wide Fit Boots
  57. Women’s Ankle Boots
  58. Women’s Black Boots
  59. Women’s Flat Boots
  60. Women’s Heeled Boots
  61. Women’s Leather Boots
  62. Women’s Suede Boots

Tip: Headlines are, more often than not, the first thing that draws users’ attention. It needs to be punchy and relatable.


  1. 10% off all boots - offer ending soon!
  2. 10% sale for online customers for a limited time.
  3. 10% sale for online customers.
  4. Browse our collection of ladies boots.
  5. Check out the 2019 range of women’s boots.
  6. Classic colours and styles on women's boots.
  7. Discount on all boot orders.
  8. Explore the Belinda’s Boots range.
  9. Fashionable women’s boots in all styles.
  10. Find the missing piece to your outfit.
  11. Gertrude’s boots, your new women’s shoe shop.
  12. Have 10% off women’s boots on us.
  13. Ladies boots in every style.
  14. Let Belinda’s Boots help you find your next pair.
  15. Looking for your next pair of boots? Shop now.
  16. Shop now for your exclusive 10% discount.
  17. Shop now to redeem your 10% boot discount.
  18. Shop the Belinda’s Boot collection.
  19. Stylish women’s boots for all seasons.
  20. Suede and leather boots in all styles.
  21. We stock high-quality boots for women of all ages.
  22. Women’s boots for every occasion.
  23. Women’s boots in every colour.

Tip: Descriptions can be longer in character length, so save wordier sentences for this part of the ad if there’s something you’re struggling to say in the headlines.

Display path

  1. womens/boots
  2. ladies/boots
  3. womens-boots/discount
  4. ladies-boots/all-styles
  5. boots/latest-styles
  6. latest-boots
  7. new-styles/boots

Tip: The display path isn’t as important as your title and description, but it might just be the thing that attracts a click. Don’t get too hung up with creating multiple options for this one.

Step 3 - Build your Google Search Ads

Once you’ve got your ideas down and reviewed them all to make sure they fit in the character limits and make sense, you’re now in a place to start building your ads. As a reference, we’re able to create over 5000 variations of our ad using the above.

Not all of those 5000 will be good, but you’ll have an idea in your head of what sounds better or looks more catchy - so try them out. There’s a learning stage with every ad campaign, and being able to produce new ads quickly removes the frustration of finding out what wording your audience responds to.

There we have it, one of our final ads created from the ideas we put down in our document. We can now go on to create additional ads using the same process with ease.

Bandersnatching pointers

  1. Use pipes ‘|’ if you’re inserting small sentences into a single headline section. For example, ‘Grey Boots | Stylish Footwear’.
  2. When writing descriptions, write shorter and longer versions of the same sentence. You’ll be mixing and matching your ideas together into a 90 character limit space, which can sometimes be awkward.
  3. Your display path is an opportunity to focus on a particular selling point. If you know your audience react well to a wide range of styles, include ‘all-styles’ in the display path.

Paid search marketing help

Bandersnatching will only help you with the text side of the ads. There’s a lot more to consider (landing pages, audience targeting, negative keywords etc.), so it’s never a bad bet to get a digital marketing agency onboard to give you a hand.

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