Benefits of Content Marketing: Digital Content Marketing for business

The benefits of content marketing come down to the impact it has on your digital presence. Content marketing is a great way to engage your audience, attract them to visit your website and ease them into a conversion. Find out all of the benefits and what content marketing can do for you.

February 19, 2019
Content Strategy
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Jordan Chammings

Everyone knows that if you want to build a successful business, you need to have a website. But what are the benefits of content marketing? Well, it’s the easiest way to reach your target customer, showcase your work, and stay connected with the people you want to engage with.

There’s a lot of competition for a Google top spot, which means having a website just isn’t enough. You’ve got to make sure your site stands out, and one of the most effective ways of doing this is through digital content marketing.

Content marketing revolves around a business giving value to their audience through fresh, engaging and exciting topic pieces. Examples of digital content are blogs, videos, images, infographics and animations. There’s a wide range of benefits associated to content marketing, but only when it’s done in the right way for your business and your audience.

So, why is it so important to have fresh content on your website?

Increase online engagement with fresh web content

One of Instagram’s favourite buzzwords is popular for a reason - because it’s essential! The more relevant and interesting content you have on your site, the more likely people are to find and engage with you. Every sale starts with making a connection - whether that’s a recommendation from a previous client or a referral from a search engine. If you’re adding fresh content to your site that people want to talk about, you’re taking the first step to building trust between you and your potential customers.

The other benefit of regularly adding fresh content to your website is that people are more likely to stick around on your site. If they’re spending more time on your pages, browsing your online content or just learning about your company, it’ll make it much easier to reach them in the future.

Engagement tip: always link to other relevant content at the end of a blog post or page to encourage people to navigate around your site and see what else you have to say.

Benefits of Content Marketing - Engagement

Show your expertise with digital content

As a business owner, you’ve got to be pretty confident you know your stuff. But if you’re not constantly reminding your customers that this is the case, how will they know much of an expert you are?

Continually reviewing your digital content and keeping it up-to-date is a great idea. You’ll be demonstrating to your users that you’re an industry authority, and that might be the reason they convert into customers

Social Media Content Marketing - making things SO much easier

Do you dread the thought of having to come up with new social media content to post? Or, you can think of content, but you’re finding it’s getting little to no interest?

Cross-posting your website and blog content to social media is a great way of getting readers flowing between all the different online spaces you promote your business. So, if you’ve written a new blog post, don’t forget to share it on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram or LinkedIn (or better still, all four!).

Don’t forget, past blog posts and website content can be re-shared even if you wrote them 6 months ago. So if it’s “international take your dog to work day” and you’re a dog groomer who takes their dog to work EVERY day, repost the blog post you wrote about it to social media and reignite some previously posted content. Don’t forget the hashtags!

SEO and Content Marketing work hand-in-hand

Google loves active and engaged users. By adding new content to your website regularly, Google, and other search engines, reward you with higher rankings. The more relevant content you have on your website, the more likely you are to rank highly for your niche. This is especially true if your content is keyword rich. More content = more opportunities to target keywords!

It’s crucial that you undertake in-depth keyword research to understand how users are searching for your topic, their monthly search volumes and the type of content you should produce. It’s never a bad idea to seek out the advice of a specialist SEO Agency. They’ll make sure your content is bringing you as much value as it could be.

SEO and Content Marketing

Another advantage of content marketing? It’ll keep you on your toes

By committing to regularly reviewing and updating your website’s content, you’ve always got one eye on the message you’re conveying as a business. This is really important as your business evolves and changes (as all businesses do, to a certain extent).

How do I make sure I’m getting the most from my website?

It’s hard work running your own company, let alone trying to make time to work ON your business rather than in it.

So, if you can, it’s really worth investing in hiring an experienced web designer to configure and design your website in the most effective way, and then consider working with a professional copywriter to ensure your website copy is always portraying the image and level of expertise you want to get across.

Even if you have someone writing one blog post a month for you, that alone can make a massive difference to how your site performs.

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