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This client suffered with what many others do, a website that looks good but doesn’t perform. While there was nothing particularly wrong with the design of the old site, it hadn’t been set up according to SEO best practices so visitor numbers were low and the client never got enquiries from the site.

Top 10 positions for high value terms in Google
Modern design, overlapping images and content
Optimised to work well on mobile and tablet
Construction industry website design imageConstruction industry website design image

How to improve a website’s search performance and rankings?

At first, we looked to see if the existing website could be optimised to perform better in search to avoid the need to rebuild from scratch. Unfortunately, we were limited to the constraints of Squarespace, which didn’t allow us the ability to implement SEO best practices.

Mobile screen shot of construction website design
Mobile screen shot of construction website design
Mobile screen shot of construction website design
Mobile screen shot of construction website design

Development of a high-performance website with on-point branding.

We set about developing a new website to provide a solid foundation from launch and into the future. From the initial design consultation, it became apparent that the building services offered were to a high standard, we wanted to replicate this attention to detail in the design of the new website.

For this project we were responsible for designing the site, updating company branding, copywriting and SEO. So we had a good scope and the ability to create a stunning design without any constraints.

The website design elements

We wanted to give the client a bold and modern design that shouted construction, while keeping customer service, excellence in project management and attention to detail at the forefront.

By using imagery of old work tools and a script font we softened the modern layout, bold typeface and colour pallet to achieve the feeling of trust and experience.

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Primary colours

Animated website transitions

Custom CSS animations were used to underline headings as you scroll through the page, this added some subtle movement to the website and highlighted important text, helping users digest written copy and lead them through the pages.

Modern, bold website design with brand identity - optimised to rank in search results

We’re proud of the finished product and as is the client. Having design freedom allowed us to produce a new brand identity and a high performing website, both of which will assist an already successful business to attract a more refined customer demographic.

Responsive website design for builder mock up devices

Climbing search engine positions

Everything we do at Digital Mast is geared towards performance, and while a good looking website that’s on brand for the target market is essential, it’s not necessarily our primary focus. A beautiful looking website that doesn’t attract new users is never going to have an impact on the future success of a business. So what’s more important to us is how we can drive people to a website, primarily focusing on the most sustainable method of organic Google search results. Users who search for a specified service already have intent to find a solution or at least learn more about a specific query.

As with all websites we develop where there’s an opportunity for SEO improvements; this one had immediate gains in search rankings from go live and continues to improve over time.

Matt Beswick
Beswick Building Ltd

What the Client says...

Chris, John and the team at Digital Mast were not only a pleasure to deal with, they ACTUALLY took my brief and delivered what we were after!!! Quick to act, professional in doing so and always there to offer concise and diligent options, I would have no hesitation in recommending them for anyone looking for that professional, innovative and most importantly, effective digital marketing. After being thoroughly impressed with the outcome of this website design project, We will be engaging with Digital Mast on a yearly basis to keep all of our digital and social media needs  up to speed. A MUST for all looking to develop their on line presence.

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