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When Tom approached us, his website was, to put it bluntly, a bit of a mess. The design was poor, and the site hadn’t been set up for mobile, leading to bad user experience.  It also didn’t rank in Google and wasn’t generating any new enquiries. It didn’t even show up for branded search terms, in fact, Google auto-corrected the brand name to something else.

It was evident from the outset that a new site was the way forward, so we set about creating a website Tom could be proud of.

No 1 positions for high value terms in Google
Top 10 Positions in Google search
Average bounce rate
Increase in monthly users
Garden Design and Landscaping Website DesignGardener website design mobile screen shot image

The website design and build

With a vast number of historical projects to showcase and excellent photos to support them, we decided that the site should be two main parts, Tom’s services and his projects. The projects serve two valuable purposes; firstly they give potential customers an opportunity to view a range of Tom’s work and secondly the unique content helps hugely with SEO.

Garden website design mobile home page
Garden website design mobile screen shot
Garden website design mobile screen shot
Garden website design mobile screen shot

Unique website images

With a library of excellent imagery, including Tom’s watercolour garden designs, we decided to lead with his work and give it the prominence it deserves. You’ll notice as soon as you land on the site, you’re greeted with a beautiful image of a garden, and we’ve tried to keep his work front and centre at all times.

Project tagging & SEO

To make the projects easy to navigate we adopted a tagging system, people can click on a tag, i.e. “stonework”, and all of Tom’s projects where stonework took place will be shown. It’s a simple and effective way to help people find content.

We spent a good amount of time configuring this site according to SEO best practices, as we do with every site. Everything from page titles, and headings to link structure and image alt tags.

Cormorant Upright
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Primary colours
Garden Designer website on multiple devices

The outcome

Since the launch of the new site, we’ve seen an average bounce rate of just 6.93%! When you consider that most websites consider 40% to be excellent, it’s obvious the web design is hitting the right spot.

The old site didn’t rank in Google at all, and the new is now dominating search terms relating to the services Tom provides. “Garden Design Poole”, “Garden Landscaper Dorset”, “Garden Design Sandbanks” and more,  all at No 1. The site can be found in the top 10 no less than 19 times, and these are just the keywords we track.

It’s been a considerable success, Tom’s seeing an increase in enquiries and is now looking at expanding his team to accommodate the additional work.

Tom Hill
TH Garden Design & Landscaping

What the Client says...

Throughout the site build, Digital Mast worked closely with me, talking through every step of the web design process. They listened to my ideas and took them on board which sometimes isn’t the case when having something designed for you. The team have the drive to give you the best they possibly can and are willing to go that extra mile to give a great service.

When Digital Mast revealed the finished design I was more than pleased, with it surpassing my expectations. They have created a stunning website with clean crisp visuals, it works beautifully and is easy to navigate through. They have already got it high up on google which I thought would take a much longer time. I would highly recommend Digital Mast if anyone has a website that under performs or just needs a new website. Their attention to detail and design is second to none, as is their work ethic and customer care.

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