Website Design, Branding & SEO for Health Insurance Broker

Our client had a functioning website, but it wasn't achieving the results their business needed. They were unable to make simple website amendments without CMS errors, and the design lacked consideration for website conversion or SEO. We got to work creating a modern website geared towards the target audience, well configured SEO and updated branding rolled out across business stationary and online channels.

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Designing a modern insurance industry website.

The first step towards a solution was to create wireframe designs that demonstrated the new logo, colours, and fonts that would make up the branding. The imagery used was carefully selected to portray 'living life', bucking the trend of common health insurance styles that tend to feel quite clinical. Our client wanted to produce their own content, so we provided them with a comprehensive list of keywords to incorporate into their copy for SEO purposes. Our strategy revolved around the creation of a simplistic, clean website to distinguish amongst the competition.

Mobile Screen Shot of insurance industry website design
Mobile Screen Shot of insurance industry website design
Mobile Screen Shot of insurance industry website design
Mobile Screen Shot of insurance industry website design

Conversion focused website design elements.

Generating leads for the the team to convert into paying customers was a priority for this project. The ‘Get A Quote’ call to action was positioned across the site in a manner to maximise visibility, and contact forms were structured to require minimal fields to encourage completion.

Finally, as users scrolled through the website, a fixed navigation appears which features contact options, making it easy for anyone to get in touch as they browse.

Speech Bubbles

We used speech bubbles across the site to grab the attention of users and highlight important messages we wanted customers to know about. In doing this, we’re able to guide where website visitors focus their attention.

Social proofing

We integrated Feefo testimonials and featured the logos of well-known insurance providers our client partners with. Known as social proofing; this helps to establish trust with the website visitor.

Website design & company branding

Natural stock imagery that represented their company was selected, edited and optimised. We were also asked to create business stationery that encompassed the updated branding, including letterheads, comp slips, business cards and personalised email signatures.

Strong gradients helped to remove the corporate feel of this insurance website, which was important to encourage visitors to get in contact. CSS animations on page load and user scrolling help to grab the attention of visitors, and should feature on any modern website.

Search engine optimisation (SEO)

We amended the content our client produced to ensure the maximum SEO potential was reached. Changes to metadata, structure, and wording were all made to improve the clients organic ranking.

Responsive website design for insurance broker
Jasmine Albano
Equity Health

What the Client says...

We have been delighted with the service received from the team at Digital Mast. Right from the initial brief (where they came out to visit) through to the end product of having a new website built, we would be unable to fault them. Would highly recommend.