Launch & Digital Marketing For SAAS Brand

Through word of mouth recommendation, we were approached by Fitr., a startup fitness tech company, promising to disrupt the world of online fitness coaching.

We were immediately blown away with the product the team at Fitr. and their developer Mind Studios had built. Not only that, we were impressed with the commitment to improvement and the roadmap for the product over the coming months. To say we wanted to be involved with this project would be an understatement.

We set about creating a digital marketing strategy outlining our suggested route to market, leading to us ultimately launching the product to the UK market.

Construction industry website design imageConstruction industry website design image

Website rebuild and expansion

The Mind Studios team had created a front page for their software solution, never intended to be the full marketing page, it had a great design that we could really build upon with our marketing message. The immediate goal was to rebuild what they had in Webflow, making it easy for us to update and maintain in the future. Having already had the page designed, it was relatively straightforward to port it across with the odd change of wording here and there.

Once moved, we set about creating landing pages for the ad campaigns to come, and also planning the next version of the website.

Within a few short months we completely rebuilt the site, introducing new pages catering to all of the potential visitors that arrived. We added a comprehensive “Features” page, a blog and a new homepage. The site is now in the perfect state for growth, it’s already proving it can generate results and we’re looking forward to where it goes next.

SAAS Web Design Screen Shot
SAAS Web Design Screen Shot
SAAS Web Design Screen Shot
SAAS Web Design Screen Shot

SEO and analytics

As with any website that we create, we perform extensive keyword research and subsequent optimisation to give it the best chance of performing well in organic search. Seeing results from SEO can take time, so we supplemented it with a branded Google Search campaign, ensuring visibility for those looking for Fitr.

With a now separate website and software platform, and with visitors moving from one domain to another during the sign up process, we needed to make sure we could track them throughout their visit. Working with their developer, we installed Google Tag Manager and configured cross domain tracking for Google Analytics. Tag Manager is a massive time saver for marketing but it can be a handful to get “firing” on all cylinders. Using it, we implemented Facebook’s Pixel, giving us all comprehensive tracking and monitoring of the web properties.

Branded Search

With a new company it’s not always easy to show up right at the top of Google results for branded search terms, and in Fitr.’s case, they also share their name with a big Muslim holiday. Bearing in mind the investment being made into social and other forms of advertising, it was essential that we set up a branded search campaign, so people looking for the company would find them. It’s proved invaluable, and we’ve logged a decent number of conversions coming via that source.

Construction industry website design image

Google Ads

Before we started we felt that Google Search Ads would offer one of the best routes for sign ups to the service. We did the research and knew that the terms we were bidding on were competitive at £15-20 per click, but we were confident in the product and our landing pages. We ran Google Ads as a trial and ultimately the performance wasn’t comparable with that of social media, so, we switched it off and allocated more resource to the more productive avenues. This is a prime example of the approach we take, focus energies and budgets on the most productive channels, if something’s too expensive, then stop it as soon as you can.

Social Advertising

Social media advertising, and in particular Facebook and Instagram advertising have been the most productive channels. We created a significant numbers of ads, targeting various audiences and ran them as a trial to gauge what ads performed the best. Over a period of time we’ve refined the message and now are able to easily target new audiences with messages that we know get results.

Leon Cassidy, Fitr. Training

Customer quote

I can’t praise the team highly enough! Before they came onboard we had a platform, but no refined message to get it into the market. The guys hit the ground running, getting what we were trying to do and coming up with a complete digital strategy to get Fitr. into the hands of our coaches. They’ve totally redeveloped the website into a well structured and clear presentation of what the business is and how it solves the problem. With their digital strategy in place, we’re getting consistently high coach sign-ups and the content they’ve created for our social presence is fantastic. I’m also now getting weekly updates on conversion rates and customer cost of acquisition statistics, crucial to understand for any business, allowing us to react and adapt where we’re not performing as well as we should be. Couldn’t recommend enough, great team and great to deal with! Very much seen as an extension of the internal team, rather than an external agency.

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