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As part of a broader web design project, our client engaged us for both SEO and copywriting services. With strong positions in Google for many high-value terms, it was essential that the SEO maintained and where possible improved rankings.

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December 6, 2018
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Jordan Chammings


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SEO Planning

With a site that was already ranking well in Google, it was essential that careful planning took place to ensure everything that was working well wasn’t disturbed and opportunities for improvements identified. We looked at everything from the structure of the site and URLs to key landing pages and on-page content. In conjunction with keyword research and discussions with the client, we produced a SEO strategy which could be rolled out with the build of the new site.

Our client also wanted to refresh the written wording on the website, expanding service information and making the tone more conversational.

Copywriting service

We can support our clients with their own copywriting, optimise content they produce and write it ourselves. In this instance, the client opted for us to create the copy which gave us the opportunity to go to town on the written text. The client wanted a conversational style of writing as if the content was talking directly to the reader. With a large number of diverse services, it was essential for us to get under the skin of our client’s business. We met on several occasions and had numerous telephone calls, backed up with day to day instant messaging. This close working relationship allowed us to create content that both the customer and their target audience found appealing.

SEO Implementation

Onsite SEO and copywriting are closely linked, and by asking us to write the content and perform SEO it empowered us to make the most of every available opportunity. We applied all of the technical SEO best practices, configuring the site to the highest possible standard. Alongside this, we were loading a decent volume of new content and were excited to get the site live and see the impact.

The outcome

The performance of the new website has been excellent. Organic traffic has increased and continues to on a monthly basis, and engagement metrics such as the bounce rate have improved significantly too. We continue to work with this client providing both SEO and copywriting amongst other services, building on the success so far.

Customer quote:

Digital Mast are genuinely an expert SEO agency. We were nervous about making significant changes to our website given the positions we had in Google, but the team at Digital Mast quickly put our minds at ease. Since the launch of the site, we’ve seen our positions in Google climb further, and we’ve also significantly increased our signup numbers. Their commitment to fully understand our business is what sets them apart. They were able to quickly get inside our heads and the complexities of our industry, producing accurate and engaging copy.

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